New version planed with Greek and Hebrew translations

A new version is now in the making. It should be done by mid July. This new version will include:
1. A “link” window which will show translations of Greek and Hebrew words for bibles which have “Strong’s numbers”.
2. A bug fix. Right now ancient greek bibles are unreadable. Probably some other bibles are not readable as well.
3. A bug fix. Bookmarks and history window does not “resume” correctly.
4. A “Settings” window which will allow a lot more control over how your bible looks. For instance; Show book, show chapter, show verse, show headings, highlight text markings, show note positions, show Strong’s numbers, show morphology, start new line at each verse.

Version 1.5 released

Finally, this version is really really good. Note that the official name of the application is “Bible Cross Connect.” If you still have the app “Cross Connect” you must remove that app and install “Bible Cross Connect.” I changed the names of the app on on 2011-06-03 in order to better describe what the app is. But, it is only in “Marketplace” that you see the name “Bible Cross Connect.” Everywhere else in your phone it is just “Cross Connect.”

I fixed a bug where if you had more then 1 window showing, it would sometimes show the wrong things in the windows. Also I added the possibility to choose another language then the default language on your phone. PLEASE write comments on if you like the language-choice feature because otherwise I might remove it in a later version. You see, the language-choice really shouldn’t be needed. You should choose the language on the telephone settings and not individually in each application. But I added it because I think that not all languages are available in the telephone settings window.

Version released

A new release has come.  In this release is added “Daily  Reading Plans” that span from 30 days to one year with many different methods for covering the Bible.  Each plan is carefully designed to evenly distribute the reading over the selected plan period. Some reading plans contain a lot of variation in reading whereas others are simply to read from the beginning to the end.  Read More