Version 1.19

Just a bug fix here.  There was in the last version 1.18 a bug that stopped the Daily Plan from being able to page forwards or backwards. Although this version is submitted today, it will probably take a week to get to your phones.

Version 1.18

The last version 1.17 had a serious bug which kept parts of the old testement from being able to be read. Therefore version 1.17 was removed from Marketplace.  All known bugs ar fixed now in this version 1.18 and because the “chapter indexing” now works properly then it means you can read all the bibles in the “Beta” download site at crosswire.

Version 1.17

A lot of diverse major additions:

  1. Added google translation services. Google translations are integrated into most windows so if you study in a language you don’t fully understand you can usually translate it to your language at the click of a button.[ps. Now I see a bug here. It often translates the wrong verses. This will be fixed in the next release.]
  2. Added chapter block index types to the allowable bibles types. This will allow a lot of newer bibles to be used by cross-connect.[bug here too. Bad after 1 Samuel in OT. Fixed in the next release.]
  3. Added bible commentaries. There are many very interesting bible commentaries in the crosswire database you can now read.
  4. Added permanently internally installed strong dictionaries. Before, if you wanted to see a Strong’s reference, you were connected to an internet website for the reference.  Now the default is to use an internal dictionary for the reference. Alternatively you can choose to have the internet website if you want.