CrossConnect goes completely open-source

CrossConnect has had an older version as open-source but now all versions of CrossConnect are open source. You can get the code at

There is a goldmine of code here in cross-connect.

  1. A “Full Text Indexer” FTI that works in the extremely restrictive Windows phone and windows metro environments.
  2. Various hard to find functionality like color pickers, date pickers, etc.
  3. The only C# sword ( file readers.

Added “not” functionality to the “fast search”

In all releases of Cross-Connect I have added the “not” functionality to the fast searching. Now if you put “-” in front of a search word, you will find all verses that don’t have that word.

Example search 1:
+mary +joseph
Will get all verses containing either mary or joseph. It will return far over the maximum limit of 200.

Example search 2:
mary joseph
Will get all verses containing both mary and joseph. It will return about 7 verses.

Example search 3:
mary -joseph
Will get all verses containing mary that also don’t contain joseph. It will return about 39 verses.

Example search 4:
Will get all verses containing mary. It will return about 46 verses which makes sense. It is the sum of the number of verses found in examples 2 and 3.

Example search 5:
Find all verses containing words that are 4 letters long and start with “m” and the third letter is “r”. This will find “mary” and “more” and “mire” and “mark”

Example search 6:
Find all words of any length that start with “mar”. This will find “mary” as well as “married” .

Example search 7:
mar* -jos*
Find all verses containing words of any length that start with “mar” yet in the same verse you can’t have a word starting with “jos”.

“Fast searching” and “Crosswire general books” in Cross Connect

Due to a generous donation from Louis we have been able to add “Fast Searching” and “Crosswire general books” to all versions of Cross Connect(WP7, WP8, RT, Windows 8). These 2 items were the last things missing to make Cross Connect contain everything you could hope for in a Bible App.

Crosswire has over 50 General Books in several languages and new books are added regularly. All of these are available to you for free. More importantly are the 150 bibles in over 50 languages

The “fast searching” means you get instant results for any search of a word or group of words in a bible or book.screenshot_02132013_223838