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  1. Would it be possible to fix the font with the 1933/1938 Finnish translation concerning the scandinavian letters “ä” and “ö” in the Bible name itself, as well as within the search window?

    They are now shown as a “?” inside a black square standing on its corner and thus they also break all search operations unless you specifically mask them with wildcards.

    Curiously the letters ä and ö are correctly shown in the Bible text itself; the problem is only in the search window and in the Bible name.

    For comparison, the younger Finnish Bible (1992 translation) does not have this problem.

    To give you an example, do a fast search in the NT for “viiniä lasketa vanhoihin” in the Finnish 1933/1938 translation and you will find nothing in the 1933/1938 translation. However the 1992 Finnish translation correctly returns you Matthew 9:17. Both translations have this expression translated identically so they should be found in both translations.

    If you quick search the NT for “viini? lasketa vanhoihin”, then also the 1933/1938 translation returns you Matthwe 9:17 and you can now also see how the verse is shown with a corrupted “ä”.

  2. The ASV 1901 seems to not be displayed correctly on both the windows phone and windows version of cross connect. The same bible downloaded from the same site (crosswise) shows additional words in the iOS pocketsword app. Some examples are Rom 1:4 and Titus 1:7.

  3. NIV 버전에서 구약과 신약에서 모든 장이 반 정도만 나옵니다. 전 장이 나오도록 수정바랍니다.
    예) 출애굽기는 전 장이 40장인데 23장 까지만 나옴.

    • Yes! I am terribly sorry but this bug. This bug affects everyone including me. I noticed this a month or so ago. I have been working on a new version of CrossConnect that will work on Windows Mobile 10 which you will soon have on your phone. Then you will get this new version of CrossConnect where this bug is fixed.

  4. I’m using Cross connect on a windows phone 8.2. The English NIV has only 23 chapters in Genesis. I haven’t checked all the other books. Would this be an isolated problem with my download or are they all alike?

    • That is really strange because I test the bible all the time in Swedish and it works fine even in the search.

      Can you please try Cross-Connect as an app on your PC. That version is much more recent. I wonder if the problem is there as well. If you change your phone to Windows 10 you can get the new version as well even on your phone.

  5. Excellent app, thank You so much! Is it possible to improve the translation of this app and site into belarusian language? It is evident that translation is automatic and it is ridiculous in some places. We have a good team of translators from english to belarusion and we can do all translation, You just put it into the app. Please)

  6. I’m having trouble with the restore function – have settings and such backed up on OneDrive in zip but when restoring the app says “element not found”

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