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69 thoughts on “Bugs

  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work; this program is a tremendous blessing to me. I have noticed that certain ancient Greek versions (Wescott Hort and SBL) do not display the book of Revelation.

    Thank you again for all your work for the Lord.

    • Thanks for your encouragement and the help with finding the bugs. I will soon check this out to see if there is anything I have done wrong. It is possible that crossconnect is having problems reading the last chapter (revelations) of some bibles.

      • Hi guys

        I love this product. unfortunately, I must uninstall it. I have a Windows 8 phone (Nokia 920) and every time I disconnect a call while on my car’s Blue Tooth (hang up the phone), the Bible starts to play where I left off, automatically. Then, while driving, I have to fiddle with it in order to turn it off. kind of dangerous. please email me at findcollins@gmail.com if you have any advice, ad this app will be gone and I can’t check your answers here.


  2. Once again, thanks for all that you are doing – I use this app everyday. Two bugs in the mango version of the app

    1. The Hebrew book titles read left to right instead of right to left (not a big deal)

    2. The LXX or Ancient Greek translation of the OT no longer displays at all. This could be a problem on the sword project side, I am not sure.

    I want to say again how valuable your work has been to me.

    • Hello Abner Chou. Thanks again for finding this bug. I have fixed the hebrew book titles (again 😉 ) and your suspicions about the LXX is correct. They have changed their indexing type to a type CrossConnect does not support. But I will fix that in this month. So you will soon be able to get the LXX again. As a bonus, I will also be fixing CrossConnect so you will be able to view crosswire commentaries.

      • Thank you so much for all your hard work! Looking forward to the update! – crosswire commentaries feature will be great! Praising the Lord for you!

  3. I hate to be a pest about the same bug – but he Hebrew bible book titles still read backwards 😉

    I am also wondering why certain Bible commentaries (e.g., Jameson Fausett Brown) do not render at all. I am guessing that they are compiled incorrectly.

    Thank you so much again for this app – it really is a great help and blessing to me.

    • Wow. Sorry about that. It is fixed AGAIN in version 1.25. I had converted the bible-name-files to XML and that removed the need for reversing the RightToLeft texts. Thus I was taking good Hebrew texts and reversing them thus making them wrong again. Oh well..

  4. Gentlemen,

    I was certainly blessed by your program on wp7, particularly because it included the Old Testament in biblical Hebrew and the New Testament in Koine Greek. I now have a wp8. I was disappointed to discover that your program is not compatible with this new operating system. I assume that you will be updating your program. I hope it will be soon. May the Lord bless you for making this excellent resource available.

    In the Master’s Service,
    Dr. Steven Boyd

    • Thank you for informing me that it does not work in wp8. Microsoft promised that wp7 programs would be compatible with wp8 programs. But that simply is not true obviously. It depends on the program apparently.
      I am currently porting the program over to windows 8 which is very nearly compatible with wp8 and when I am done with that I will port it over to wp8. Unfortuneatly it is almost a complete rewrite so it is taking a lot of time.
      Thank you so much for the encouragement and the information.

      • Thank you for being willing to put in that not inconsiderable amount of work! In light of the timing, having cross-connect again will be a wonderful Christmas gift!!

        Steve Boyd

      • I have submitted it to Microsoft now. It should be available in about a week. You can read about it in the Newshttp://www.cross-connect.se/home

  5. Thank you again and again for your app! It is a tremendous blessing.

    I noticed in the wp8 app (on my friend’s Nokia Lumia 920) that the Hebrew characters do not fully render. There are some boxes where they should be accent marks. This does not happen on my wp7 phone which renders the Hebrew completely.

    Thank you again for your labor for the Lord.

    • The only thing I can think of is to go into the “Themes” menu and change the font. There is a slight chance that another font will have the correct accents. Please let me know if that helps..

  6. Thanks for this great app in Win8
    I tryed to load the German translation “Hoffnung für alle – Die Bibel” but all I get is a empty window. Other translations in German works fine!
    Perhaps you can fix that sometime.
    Many thanks and be blessed

    • I’m sorry but this bible “Hoffnung fuer alle – Die Bibel” is a “locked” bible. It can only be read by paying for a key and installing the key. Of course, one would hope that CrossConnect could handle this sort of bible but it can’t. Sorry. Maybe sometime in the far future this will be fixed.

  7. Thanks for your great work with this app. I’ve used it in both WP8 and WP7 with couple of translations. There seems to be something wrong with Finnish bible translations with some chapters not being visible in CrossConnect. E.g. Psalms 38-42, and 108 are not shown in either “Finnish Pyhä Raamattu (1992)” or “Finnish Pyhä Raamattu (1933/1938)” translations. The 1992 translation, but not the 1933/1938 one, fails e.g. in Genesis 32, Exodus 8 and 22.

  8. In indented text, sometimes text space character is missing:
    No space character after , . :
    No space character between words

    You can see this in the bible “Svenska Folkbibeln (1998)”, Acts (Apostlagärningarna) 28:27

    See screenshot: http://kisystem.se/crossconnectbug-spacing.jpg
    “säg:Även” should be: “säg: Även”
    “öroneneller” is two words, should be: “öronen eller”

    • Yes. I agree. I have seen it as well. It is irritating. I just had a hard time finding out the pattern. I will look at it and try to fix it..

  9. To the point. Lumia 520. When trying to add
    a note to a passage the carriage return does
    not work. The line becomes too long and
    cant be read.

  10. Thanks for all your hard work on this program. I had Online Bible before but could not get it on my Win 8 phone. I am thankful I found CrossConnect.

    There is a problem, however, with the new chronological Bible readings in 3 mo. I love it but at least in the ESV beginning with day 27, it indents and continues to indent more with each chapter and Psalm until it is only about 2 words wide! This makes it impossible to read, so I have had to switch to my own Bible. I checked and it continues the indentation for several days – not sure how much longer.

    I love this part of the program and have seen the Bible in a more wholistic way since I started reading it in 3 months. I encourage others to try it. God’s Word is wonderful!!

    Thanks and God Bless!

    Hope you can repair this soon.

  11. One more problem. The commentary of Keil and Delitzsch often has portions or even whole chapters missing. I have this commentary in Online Bible on another phone and it is complete. The same thing occurs in Calvin’s commentary. Is this a typing error?

    • Have you the latest version released about a week ago? There was a bug that we fixed having to do with commentaries and perhaps this is then already fixed.

  12. Having issues with the latest version on Windows Phone 8. When you select the “copy” option the application crashes or just closes. Anyone encounter this issue?

    • Yes, there are several who have reported this problem. I personally cannot repeat this bug on my phone but I believe you can fix this by uninstalling CrossConnect and reinstalling it. I would appreciate if you could confirm that this fixes the problem. There were serveral bugs in the updateing/upgrading part of the program. That is why the reinstall is fixes the problem.

      Just as a side note, yesterday there was a new release that fixes another problem where it was impossible to choose any book of the bible that has one chapter, like “jude” for example.

  13. I found that the OSIS tagged bile text is not displayed properly.
    For those text tagged with text, your app display them as “italic” rather than “bold”.
    In addition an unnecessary space was inserted before and after the tag.
    The extra spaces cause small screen to view less content, because they are unnecessay.
    other crosswire frontends display properly.

      • Thanks. I’ll fix this soon. Sorry it has taken me so long to answer some of your questions. I have been busy at my work.

        • Thank you very much for your time and great work.
          I have a bible module of “Expanded Bible”, both old and new testaments. The texts are frequently tagged with hi type=”bold”. Those text became italic rather than bold.
          I am trying hard to adjust my impressions on the text, because italic words in most translation denotes added words for the sake of smooth translation.
          They are, however, correctly displayed as bold texts in frontend, like AndBible.
          God bless your work.

  14. First and foremost – thank you again for a wonderful app.

    In the most recent update, both my Greek and Hebrew Bibles render strangely. Each verse has no spaces and thus all the words run together as of they were one word. I have never seen this problem before.

    thanks so much for all your help and writing this app!

    in Him,

    • Hi Abner, You are very welcome. Yes, this unfortuneate bug came out in the last release but the correction to this problem is already out there for downloading. You can force an update by going to the “Store” and searching for CrossConnect and then hitting “update”.

  15. Hi, after one of last year’s updates, the books name in the Indonesian bible became a mixture of Indonesian and English names. May I know when this will be fixed?

    • Thank you so much for pointing out this mistake. It is now fixed but it takes about a week or 2 before the new version gets to you.

  16. Hi I would like to really thank you for all the work you put into this app. However I have been having a problem with the windows phone 8 app. For some reason the commentaries are not splitting into verses. Instead each verse contains the whole chapter. Thanks again for all of the hard work you put into the app.

    • Many of the commentaries are as you say “not split into verses” and there is nothing CrossConnect can do about that. It is at the website http://crosswire.org that they create and distribute these commentaries that CrossConnect uses. You need to check with them to see if they can split them into verses..

  17. The bookmark function is not working on
    my app. It’s not saving it when I touch
    the icon & when I open the app next time,
    starts at the beginning of the bible.
    Thanks for your help

    • Could you please try removing CrossConnect from your device and then reinstalling it. I cannot repeat this error. Then please write back here to tell if it fixed your problem. Thank you.

  18. I love cross connect, this morning I opened it to empty Bibles. When I hit the Book/chapter icon, it was in a foreign language. Help!! Once all my Bibles were gone, I did download them all back, but what is happening?

    • I’m not really sure what the problem is. I assume it is a combination of 2 problems. The first problem is that you upgraded from a wp7.0 program to a wp8.0 program and that always erases all the earlier bibles/data. That is not by my choice but a Microsoft choice. The problem with the foreign language was due to a very bad release that was out there a few weeks ago. But if you download the latest version, that language problem will be fixed.

  19. The contacts capability is not necessary if the contacts picker is used.

    Please let me know if you need more info.

    Due to security enforcement i can’t use the app if it needs the contacts capability. The capability allows background access to all the contacts. If you use the contacts picker the app doesn’t need the contacts capability.

    I hope you could publish and update without it.

    Thanks in advance…

    • I don’t use the contacts picker but I do use a lot of other capabilities that might include the contact picker. I will see if I can remove that requirement.

      • I have removed the capabilities “Contacts” and “Appointments” and everything seems to work fine. You should be able to download this new version in a few days.

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