Dictionaries added to CrossConnect

dictionaryYou can now open crosswire dictionaries with CrossConnect. What then happens is 2 windows appear in CrossConnect.  The upper window is the index and the lower windows shows what it is you selected in the index.  Since most of the indexes are extremely long a search field is added to the index window so you can quickly find your index.  In the search you don’t need to enter all the characters of your index. It is enough to enter just the first character or perhaps the first few characters.

2 thoughts on “Dictionaries added to CrossConnect

  1. Somehow it doesn’t work to Show the dictionaries on my Windows 8.1 phone.
    It just Shows one window. This is not searchable, too. (Only the top window is shown.
    But otherwise it is a great program.
    Another Thing: How do I search for Strongs numbers in the way, that one has to be in the verse and another one should not be in it? Is it 3141 -2424?

    • The dictionaries work on my phone. Can you please try another dictionary? I believe there is a problem with the dictionary you are using. One more thing you can try. Uninstall and reinstall CrossConnect. Really this should work. Please let us know what fixed this problem you have.
      I have never tried that type of search you want for strong numbers but logically it sounds correct. Try the “Slow” search perhaps. There you can give your own RegularExpression and make sure you have in the settings that you want to show strongs numbers. Then again the Slow search might not include Strongs numbers at all.
      Many are missing that there are 2 types of strong numbers windows. In the settings you can choose to look at the strongs definitions from an internal Dictionary or from an internet source.

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