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Here you can get help on how to use Cross Connect on Windows 8. This type of application is often called “Metro” or “Windows Store App” or “Windows RT” or even “Windows 8 Metro App”

Select one of the following menus.

It has always been intended that this program is free of charge. However, because some of the services we provide in this program cost the providers of this program money, We want to give you a chance to make a donation to help us pay for these costs.


I really need your help with “Themes”. I am not an artist but I have tried my best to make some good color themes that you see in CrossConnect. Please make your own themes and send them too me. I will then include them in the next version of CrossConnect. You can send me a theme by going to the bottom of the “theme” settings and hit the “Copy” button. Then you can paste it into this web pages comments or email to me at


The following is a list of all the icons you can see in Cross Connect:

This will move you to the next chapter

This will move you to the previous chapter

This will allow you to search for a specific Book, Chapter and Verse.

This takes you to a search dialog to find all verses with a word or words you are searching for.

If you do a fast search the following rules apply:
A fast search returns verses containing all of the given words. Put a “+” in front of each word to find any one of the given words in each verse. Put a “-” in front of a word to find all of the verses that don’t have that word. Wildcards “*” and “?” can be used. In languages using symbols like chinese and japanese you must put “*” before and after each character. Use only the slow search to find “Strongs” numbers.

Example search 1:
+mary +joseph
Will get all verses containing either mary or joseph. It will return far over the maximum limit of 200.

Example search 2:
mary joseph
Will get all verses containing both mary and joseph. It will return about 7 verses.

Example search 3:
mary -joseph
Will get all verses containing mary that also don’t contain joseph. It will return about 39 verses.

Example search 4:
Will get all verses containing mary. It will return about 46 verses which makes sense. It is the sum of the number of verses found in examples 2 and 3.

Example search 5:
Find all verses containing words that are 4 letters long and start with “m” and the third letter is “r”. This will find “mary” and “more” and “mire” and “mark”

Example search 6:
Find all words of any length that start with “mar”. This will find “mary” as well as “married” .

Example search 7:
mar* -jos*
Find all verses containing words of any length that start with “mar” yet in the same verse you can’t have a word starting with “jos”.

When you see this button, it means that the window will synchronize with the other windows.
Pressing this button will disable the linking functionality. This means this window will not synchronize with the other windows if a verse is hit in any other window

When you see this button it means that the synchronizing of this window with other windows is turned off.
Pressing this button will synchronize this window with the other windows if a verse is hit in any other window

This sends you to this page over the internet for help.


You can change how your bible looks by changing some of the settings in the “Settings” menu. There are also some important internet links you can set there but normally you should never need to change any of these internet links. If you are in doubt here about what to do, you can always hit the “Default Settings” button to restore the settings to a safe and simple state.

Highlight text markings

If this is true then the superscript verse markings and other special markings will always be higlighted. This is good if you want these markings to show up better.

Show the words of Jesus in red

In very few of the crosswire bibles it is possible to show every thing that Christ said in red. The only bible I am aware of that has this possibility is the “English Standard Version”. Set to true to show in red and false to show normally.

Use small verse numbers

If true then all the verse numbers will be shown as superscripts. If false they will be shown as normal texts in parenthesis.

Show note positions

If true then any notes in the bible will be marked with a letter “a to z, aa to zz” to show where you can look at the notes to this bible to see extra information about that particular verse.

Show the book name on each verse

If true then at the start of every verse you will be shown the books name, for instance; “Genesis”

Show the chapter number on each verse

If true then at the start of every verse you will be shown the chapters number.

Show the verse number on each verse

If true then at the start of every verse you will be shown the verse number

Show Strong’s numbers

If true then you will be shown the “Strongs number reference” for almost each word in the bible. You must however have a bible that has the strongs numbers included. For instance, “The King James Version (1769) with Strongs numbers and Morphology”. When you then press on this reference you will be shown another window that describes what the original word in greek or hebrew was with other additional information.

Show word morphology

If true then you will be shown the morphology for almost each word in the bible. You must however have a bible that has the morphology included. For instance, “The King James Version (1769) with Strongs numbers and Morphology”. When you then press on this reference you will be shown another window that describes what the morphology means however this extra window is unnecessary if you already know what the morphology coding means.

Show the headings

Some bibles have extra headings included. If this is true then those headings will be shown.

Start each verse on a new line

If you want each verse to be shown on its own line then set this to true. This can be very helpful for right-to-left (RTL) languages.

Show added notes by chapter

If you add your own notes to the verses, then you can set this to true to ensure that your added notes will be only shown chapter by chapter. Otherwise all your notes will be shown for all chapters in the same window. This is however automatically over-ridden if you have more then 200 notes.

Use internet dictionaries

If this is true then when you hit a “Strongs number” then you will use the “Hebrew dictionary internet link” or the “Greek dictionary internet link” to get your Strongs translation. If this is false, then you will use the internal dictionaries for Strongs numbers.

Use Highlights

If this is true then all your bibles will have the verses highlighted that you have choosen to be highlighted. This of course only has an effect if you have choosen some verses for highlighting. This is here for the case that you may not want to see all your highlighting.

Synchronize to each verse

During the “Text to speech (TTS)” it is possible to accent each verse that the computer is reading, as it is reading it. If you set this to false, there will not be verse accenting and the reading will be by chapter.

Hebrew dictionary internet link

This is the link that is called by this program each time you press on a “Strongs number” in the old testement. The “{0}” will be replaced by the strongs number you pressed.

The current default setting is:{0}

Greek dictionary internet link

This is the link that is called by this program each time you press on a “Strongs number” in the new testement. The “{0}” will be replaced by the strongs number you pressed.

The current default setting is:{0}

Custom bible download addresses

This is a link to where you can download custom (your own) bibles. We now have however a much simpler method of getting your own modules into CrossConnect. The newer method is with OneDrive.

By default this is set to CrossConnects own server which has only an example of how you can set up your server. We sometimes put there bibles that people give to us to put there. The format of this is:

  • [root of your server],
  • [where the crosswire zipped ztext bibles are relative to the root of your server. The names of these zipped files are where xxx is the name found in the config files at the top of the file],
  • [where a single tar.gz file called “mods.d.tar.gz” can be found relative to the root of your server. This file contains all the crosswire configure files referencing the bibles you have in the previous link]

The current default setting is:,/bibles/raw,

In order to make the mods.d.tar.gz file and your “zip” file, use the following instructions:
Your files must be in the zText format. That is you will have files that are called nt.bzs, nt.bzv, nt.bzz, ot.bzs, ot.bzv and ot.bzz. If you don’t have these files then you need to create them with a program called mod2zmod. You might also want to try the software . It converts from/to almost any bible format.

The way you would need to do it in Windows is to first install BibleDesktop

The reason you need a bibledesktop program installed is so you can see what is going on and see what you might be doing wrong. The program mod2zmod which you will use to make the conversion to zText looks in the DEFAULT installation area for the module. So you must have the module you want to convert correctly installed in bibledesktop. If you don’t see your bible to convert in bibledesktop, then you can’t convert it.

You need to put all your modules in

C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Sword

Put your conf files in

C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Sword\mods.d

and your other files in their respective:

C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Sword\modules\texts\rawtext\[module name]

Then you need to get the mod2zmod program from (or the latest version)

unzip all these programs to c:\temp\bible so that mod2zmod.exe is in c:\temp\bible\mod2zmod.exe

You could actually put the files anywhere but I say c:\temp\bible\ just to make it simple.

Open a command window. If you don’t know what this means, run the program “cmd”
Let’s say you have a bible module called Jerusalen

in the command window type “cd C:\Temp\bible”
in the command window type “mkdir Jerusalen”

in the command window type “mod2zmod Jerusalen Jerusalen 4 2”

You will see lots of text running by and after a few minutes your bible is converted and is in the directory C:\Temp\bible\Jerusalen.

Now you have created either 3 or 6 files with names nt.bzs,nt.bzv,nt.bzz,ot.bzs,ot.bzv,ot.bzz

Now you need to fix the “jerusalen.conf” file. Open the file with a text editor and change the row in the conf file from




and change




and please add the row


for english or


for spanish, or the proper 2 digit code for the language, into your conf file. it is important for CrossConnect.
You should also have


However sourceType osis might be wrong. If the text shows up strange on the screen then this SourceType=OSIS might need to be removed. Also, if the
texts are strange on the screen, you might try changing encoding to Encoding=Latin-1

Now all of these new files you created needs to be made into a zip file. How you make this
zip file is extreamly important. It must have a specific structure. In our case above it will look like the following


Note that the name of the file jerusalen.conf is spelled with lower case letters instead of being the module name Jerusalen.conf.

You should now have a file called with the above structure and files. Put this file in onto your server in the “raw” directory.

Now you need to make a mods.d.tar.gz file which contains ALL your “conf” files. To make this file you will need a free tool call 7-Zip.

make a directory called mods.d and put all your “conf” files in it. Right click on your mods.d directory and select “7-Zip->Add to archive” and choose the archive format “tar”.
This will create a file called mods.d.tar . Now right click on the file mods.d.tar and select “7-Zip->Add to archive” and choose the archive format “gzip”.
Now you have the final file called mods.d.tar.gz. This you need to put onto your server in the “biblelist” directory

Talking bible internet link

This is the link that is called by this program each time you press on the “Listen to this chapter” menu to listen to the bible. The “{0}” will be replaced by the absolute chapter number from zero to 1188 where zero is Genesis 1:1 and 1188 is Revelations 22:21. The “{1}” will be replaced by your currently selected language’s 2 character ISO name.

The current default setting is: bibles/talking/getabsolutechapter.php?chapternum={0}&language={1}

What is returned by this web-page is an xml file listing all the available recordings for that chapter with the given language on top of the list.

Highlight name 1-6

This is simply a name for your highlight color that you will only see in the screen to set a highlight onto a verse.

Copy bookmarks, highlights and notes to the clipboard

When you hit this button then all your bookmarks, highlights and notes will be copied to the clipboard. You can then go to some other application and paste these notes into that application. For instance if you want to move your settings to another phone or computer then paste this into an email and send it to that computer. On that computer then you can copy that text to the clipboard and then use the button mentioned below.

Import bookmarks, highlights and notes from the clipboard

Read the text above this. When you have gotten a text containing all the bookmarks, highlights and notes then copy that text onto the clipboard and then hit this button to import the text. Note that this will only work if you have a correctly formated xml text on the clipboard.

Default settings

Hit this button to get the suggested values of all the settings on this page.

Backup / Restore and Sword module import

CrossConnect can now communicate with any disk/memory device/network drive. This includes Microsoft’s “OneDrive”. All settings/bibles/etc can be put onto your disk and then you can restore those settings to any device. This can be accessed in the menu at the bottom of the screen.  You can even restore from a Tablet to a Phone and vice-verse.
This has the added benifit that you can have different setups for example one for study and one for leisure. To do this, simply backup your “Window setup” under different names. Then restore the one you want.

Sword module import

With this “Sword Module import” found on the Backup/Restore setup you can import your own bibles/commentaries/dictionaries/books from a disk/network drive instead of being forced to only download from the given servers.
“Simple Bible Reader / Converter” is a fantastic tool you can download that converts virtually any bible/commentary to the Sword format. This means that now almost any electronically available bible/commentary can be imported into CrossConnect by using the tool “Simple Bible Reader / Converter” and the “Sword module import” functionality in CrossConnect.

The “Sword module” format is a zip file that contains 2 directories; mods.d and modules. In the mods.d directory must exist a single “*.conf” file which is a “Sword” configuration definition file. In the modules directory are usually several levels of sub-directories and eventually the actual bible/commentary/dictionary/book. You need to see the documentation at if you are interested in more details about this “Sword module” format

Install voices

To enjoy the “Text-to-Speech” capabilities of cross-connect you need to install at least one voice on your device. Unfortuneately installing voices is not so straight forward and is complicated by what operating system you have on your device. The following is advice on how to proceed depending on your operating system. Windows 10 desktop “Home” version might not be able to install any new voices. If things don’t work then just try everything below. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see what is in the pictures. Just continue to the next section and try that. Windows 10 is still changing so what you see below might not be valid anymore. Please add in the comments section if you find other ways to do this.

Note that “Text-to-speech” is available in these languages: Chinese (Simplified), English (U.K.), English (U.S.), French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish.  Possibly more in the future.

This link might be helpful as well

  • Windows 10 mobile. Simply go to the Settings -> Time and Language -> Speech -> Add languages
  • Windows 10 Desktop. Follow the steps below and stop when you notice you have “voices”

Settings -> Time and Language -> Region & Language -> Add a language

In some cases this might be all you need to do. However you might also be notified by the operating system that you need to do the next section below “add a feature”.


Settings -> System -> Apps & Features -> Manage optional features -> Add a feature




Find the language you want and then look for “Text to Speech”. Add the feature



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63 thoughts on “Help Win8+RT

  1. Hello, I am so happy to see that your wonderful program is available for windows 8 pro, RT and WP8. I wanted to thank you. But, I was trying to download my own modules and I was able to do it for windows phone 7.5 and 8 but not on windows RT nor PRO. Could this be a bug? Please advice me on how to proceed. I have tried everything I know. Thanks again.

    • Hi Louis, I really don’t know why you can’t download. I have no problem downloading with the same program. The only thing I can think of is to start Cross-Connect and then go to the standard “settings” window by touching the upper right corner of the screen and move your finger(mouse) downward. Then you get the right hand menu and choose the “settings” icon and then “permissions”. There might be something there you must check to allow downloading. However, on mine there is nothing there for downloading. Only something about screen locking. Let us know if you succeed in solving this!

  2. I know you remember that you helped me create my own modules. Well they work and they are downloadable with the windows phones on 7.5 and 8. But, no luck with Windows Pro or Windows RT. The settings couldn’t be wrong because the phone works fine and it connects to my ftp with no problem.
    The RT connects but when I try to download a Bible module it shows the error: HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED).
    The Windows 8 Pro won’t even connect show the error: 0x80072EFD.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Louis.

      Yes, now I remember. Yes. I suspect I know where the problem is so I should be able to fix this today. In fact, I can’t even read the modules I myself have made. I didn’t really even consider it a problem because I was in such a hurry to get the Windows 8 version released and it was possible to read the modules at…

  3. I’m sorry to tell you that I’m still having the same problem and I’m getting the same error messages. The phone side is fine the PC side Pro or RT wont.

  4. I recently upgraded to windows RT 8.1 on my surface. Now the links between the KJV and Strong’s don’t seem to work. When clicking to another word the Strong’s remains on the previous word. If I exit and come back it seems to work for one time and then Freezes again. I’m assuming it was the upgrade that caused it but not 100% sure. Appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks and love the product!

  5. Dear Admin,
    I have a custom SQLite bible that I made for my Android (MySword) and now I have the Surface Pro 2 and would like to use this in CrossConnect. It is the LXX-UBS3, Ancient Greek OT and NT together.

    Would it be available to convert this using the above instructions? Or, would you like a copy of this to redistribute?

    Sure is handy having one Greek window for OT & NT.
    And the UBS3 (NA26) is out of copyright, as the current version is UBS4 and NA28.

    Let me know what you think.
    Thanks for all the work you did.

  6. Dear Brother in Christ,
    i am trying to put my own modules from my own server, but i get the error (better saying: the Commas on the url) dont work for me. When I remove the comma on the url, the custom bible server on the list go away. sry for my bad englisch 🙂

    God bless you 🙂

  7. Hi Admin, I’m trying to add a bible from crossfire, the1st option. I get an error that says “An item with the same key has already been added”. Any suggestions?
    By the way, Cross-Connect is truly amazing.
    Thanks, God bless you, Ray

    • Yes. This is terrible. They must have just added something twice into their list causing the crash.. I will fix it but it will take a week before you get the new program. Hopefully crosswire will fix their list before then.

      • Thank you so much for the warning about this problem. It works now. I have done a temporary fix to the problem by copying the entire cross-wire bible database to my own server and then fixing their problem with a double-bible name and then redirecting all traffic to my server. It really isn’t their mistake. It is a mistake in the Cross-Connect program that it couldn’t handle that double-bible name. Eventually I will move traffic back to the crosswire server when my program fix has been out a while

  8. Brother,

    Can give instructions to add more books? I see above some instructions for Bibles but nothing for other modules.

    Thank you much. I think books will be most important since bibles can be found in many of existing sources.

    • The instructions for books are exactly the same as for bibles. The technique is the same. The only difference is that it is not a format called ztext but a format called RawGenBook. Search on the website for examples of how to generate a RawGenBook. Bible commentaries are the same as well but their format is called zCom and zCom is actually the exact same thing as ztext, just a different name for the same thing.

  9. I have downloaded KJV w/strong’s onto a Surface 2 running Windows 8 RT. The strong’s dictionary works fine when I am on line but not when I am off line. Is it possible to use the dictionaries off line?
    Thank you.

  10. Hello, Thomas.
    Hope you’re doing great.
    I was surprised to see that Apocrypha books are showing now. Unfortunately my modules do not show those books. What can I do to make them available in my modules?
    Thanks so much for this addition to your already great app.

    • Hi Louis. Yes, I am doing well. This last release was really a major change as you noticed so I am a little worried that their might be too many bugs introduced due to the major changes.

      Anyway, to answer your question. You need to search on google for “versification crosswire”. The name of the system we use to show the apocrypha is called “versification”. Your first step you need to do is to choose which versification system you want. If you don’t specifiy which versification you want you get “KJV” which is King James Version. No apocrypha in that. Then make sure you download the latest crosswire tools to generate your bibles. Good luck. Let me know if you need any more help.

  11. how can I view the contents of notes?
    I turn on showing notes location, but how can I view their content?

  12. The app is awesome. I just gave it five stars in Windows store.
    Only one thing, I had just downloaded NET with full notes from
    It displays “This bible is locked. Go to the menu to enter the key.” How can I enter the key? When is the .conf file stored so I can enter the key?

    • For that bible you probably need to buy a key. Then when you push on the button window settingsyou can enter the key that you bought.

  13. The “Custom Bible Download” function makes this app perfect for an expanded bible library.
    However, I encountered one problem. I had updated the mods.d.tar.gz file in the sever, but the app did not download the updated biblelist. I tried many times, it still showed me the old list.
    Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hi Eliran, Sorry but that is something I have no control over. I had the same problem once but the problem disappeared after 1 day and never came back. In CrossConnect the file mods.d.tar.gz is downloaded EVERY time you go to the download window. It is NEVER saved. So this type of problem is somewhere in your network or on your server. Somewhere it is remembering the old file and not updating to the new file.

      By the way, I can put your bibles onto my server if you want me to.

      • Thanks, the list is updated after one day.
        In addition, I tried to run a local http sever for “Custom Address” function. I entered or other local ips in the custom address field. The app failed to download the biblelist.
        Is there any ways to install the modules locally?
        I had located the conf & modules folders of your app, and found all modules files downloaded through internet.
        However, when I manually copied new modules to these folders.
        Your app did not recognize the newly copied files, even I restarted your app.

        • Hi Eliran. I am impressed that you found where the modules are stored. You are obviously a very computer competent person. Anyway, I unfortuneately designed CrossConnect poorly in that regard. That is, I have a list of the downloaded bibles I keep in another place and I don’t think you can change that list because it is sort of encoded. Anyway, I have found a way that you can still copy in files if you do it correctly. Simply download any bible that you don’t really want. THEN, replace its mod files and its conf file with the files of the bible that you want. It is a little tricky because you must rename your conf file to the conf file you don’t want and possibly you might need to change the path to your files in the conf file. But I am not sure. Actually it should work without changing that path I think if you put the files in the right place. But anyway that path is exreamly important. Also, for bibles only the zText format is accepted so don’t try any other type of files.

          Let me know if you succeed

          • I did not try it yet. “Custom download address” function satisfy my needs for now.
            Just few more questions:
            1) your app is more than great, why crosswire website does not list your app? I think I am lucky to know your app by chance. I will surely recommend to my church members if they use Windows device.
            2) I had made a Interlinear Hebrew modules, which is perfectly displayed in all other sword front ends, but it displays from left to right in your app. i.e. one Hebrew word followed by an English word. Can I send you the module to check what is the problem?
            3) Is there any ways to change the translation of current windows? rather than close the current window and add a new window every time?

          • 1. My app does not use the official crosswire code to read the bibles and their policy is to not support any programs that don’t use their code.
            2. Yes send it to me.
            3) Yes, you can move the windows to the right or left. Just hit the menu on the window and choose..
            move window right or left

  14. 1. your app is surely better than many others available in the market. thanks for great work.
    2. file emailed to you
    3. what I meant is to change translation of the same window. for example, if I had opened KJV bible in a window, is there any ways to change the translation to NIV, without first closing it and add a new window?

    • 1. Thanks!
      2. I’ll take a look at the file tomorrow..
      3. Ok. I understand. In the windows phone version you can do that. But in the Metro version you must do like you say, close it and open a new one.

  15. I had helped to compile Chinese project of NET in a sword module.
    Your app make this great module alive in Windows app device.

  16. I found that the OSIS tagged bile text is not displayed properly.
    For those text tagged with *hi type=”bold”*, your app display them as “italic” rather than “bold”.
    In addition an unnecessary space was inserted before and after the tag.
    The extra spaces cause small screen to view less content, because they are unnecessay.
    other crosswire frontends display properly.

    • Ok. I have purposely added the extra spaces because of mistakes in some bibles that don’t add the spaces themselves. But of course it is wrong for me to correct for those mistakes. They must fix it in their bibles.

  17. Hi,
    First of all thank you for making such a wonderful Bible app available free of cost, especially for Windows 8, touch screen user.
    My problem is that I can’t seem to synchronize commentaries with Bible, verse-wise. It only synchronizes chapter-wise even after opting for it under settings. Also, how do I change the versions of the Bible? The only way I see is to delete the old window and add a new one with your choice of version. Isn’t there a shortcut to it?

    Thanks for looking into my queries.

    God bless,
    Kathmandu, Nepal

    • Hello Reuben,
      You are very welcome.
      Unfortuneately most commentaries are exactly as you described. Chapter based only. It is nothing I have control over. If the commentary is written verse for verse, then it will synchronize correctly. Most of the commentaries are very old and taken from books the copyrights have run out on. People found it too difficult to seperate the commentaries into verses. An alternative to commentaries is to download a bible with “notes.” Not all bibles have notes but for instance, the “English Standard Version ESV” has excellent notes. Then open a new window and select “notes” as the source for the window. Then you get a sort of commentary that follows verse for verse.

      To change the version of the bible you must first download a new version of the bible. Then in windows 8, you can only show a new version of a bible by creating a new window and selecting the new bible as the source.
      God Speed!

  18. Thanks for the app, but I noticed you are making the NKJV and NASB as well as the Reina Valera 1960 available for free from your “Custom Bible Download Addresses.” Those Bibles are copyrighted, so are these not pirated texts that your app is offering?

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