Privacy Policy

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We are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not collect any information about you for any purposes.  Any access that the Cross-Connect application makes to internet is only for downloading bibles, translations, soundtracks and in some cases, themes.

We don’t put any cookies on your browser for following your movements in the website.

On the other hand, your TCP/IP address is recorded anytime you use this server either in a web-browser or when using the CrossConnect application to download items from this server. This recording of your TCP/IP address is not done by decision of the author of this website but the hotel this website is in so this author has no chance to turn this TCP/IP address logging system off.

Be aware that this TCP/IP address logging is done by virtually every server on internet so it is nothing new or unusual that this server is doing. Usually this TCP/IP address information is used for statistical purposes only. The author of this website has only a very limited ability to see this TCP/IP address information and the author of this website does not distribute this TCP/IP address information to others in any way whatsoever.

In very extreme cases where judicial agencies are involved, this website can be forced to release this TCP/IP information and if your internet provider also is forced to release your TCP/IP information then it is possible to connect your TPC/IP address to you personally and thereby see all activity you personally have done on this website.