Version 1.25

1. Fully integrated talking bibles into the Windows Phone Music Center. This allows you to more easily listen to the bible.

2. Added some text beautification. Bibles with poetic markings on texts will now be shown indented as thought it were a block quote. See the picture
3. Bug fix. Right to left languages had names of the bible backwards again due to some newly added conversions.
4. Bug fix. Quotation marks were missing in some bibles (English standard version for example) due to quote blocks being ignored.

New talking bibles added

Today we have added 6 new talking bibles. They are in German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. The German and Italian bibles are only the New Testement. The Portuguese, Spanish, French and English bibles are with both the Old and New Testement. This makes the total number of talking bibles in Cross Connect 24 in 20 different languages.

Version 1.24

This is a very minor release. The only change here is that there is a “Copy” window added so that if you want to copy text to the global clipboard then just go to the menu “Copy” and the window pops up with the same texts as would be in the Message and Email windows

Version 1.23 minor changes

There are only 2 minor changes in this release:

1. Added the possibility to use the Wp7 MediaPlayer instead of the CrossConnect window to play audio chapters. This was added because the media player won’t stop playing when the screen saver comes on but the crossconnect window does stop playing when the screen saver comes on.

2. Added that the list of crosswire bible servers is now gotten from internet instead of being hard-coded into the program.

Version 1.22 Added up to 8 screens

In the last version we gave CrossConnect 3 screens instead of the previous just 1 screen. In this version you can now choose yourself how many screens you want. It can be anywhere from 1 to 8.

We have also changed all links (urls) internal in the program to point to the new website

We have added many new talking bibles in many languages

Version 1.21 MultiLevel screens

In this version we have added a new level to the multi-screening. Now there are 3 main screens you can select to view your bibles and of course any number of windows can be in each screen. Three buttons at the top allow instant navigation to the three different screens.

Other minor additions:

1. Listening to the bible is now done in one of the screens instead of before in a seperate application. That way you can read at the same time you hear the bible if desired.

2. The buttons in each window are made 5 pixels larger. There were lots of complaints about how difficult the small buttons were to press.

3. There was a bug where if you had a “Notes” window showing when you exited CrossConnect, then cross connect crashed during the exiting making it impossible to save your current position in the screens.

Version 1.19

Just a bug fix here.  There was in the last version 1.18 a bug that stopped the Daily Plan from being able to page forwards or backwards. Although this version is submitted today, it will probably take a week to get to your phones.

Version 1.18

The last version 1.17 had a serious bug which kept parts of the old testement from being able to be read. Therefore version 1.17 was removed from Marketplace.  All known bugs ar fixed now in this version 1.18 and because the “chapter indexing” now works properly then it means you can read all the bibles in the “Beta” download site at crosswire.