More audio bibles added

We have just added Romainian NT, Russian OT and Swahili OT and a very good new English bible to our list of audio bibles. That makes our total collection the following:

Language Description Old Test. New Test.
Afrikaans Afrikaanse Bybel X
Arabic العربية X
Bulgarian българската Библията X
German Deutsch X
English ESV – dramatic – Faith comes by hearing X X
English KJV – dramatic – Fire Fighters for Christ X X
English WEB/ASV97 – no music – D. Williams X X
English New KJV – no music X X
Spanish Español X X
Spanish La Fe Viene Por El Oír Nueva Versión Internacional X
Farsi فارسی کتاب مقدس X
Finish Suomen Raamattu X
French Française – Parole de Vie X X
French Canadienne-française – Parole de Vie X
Hindi हिंदी X
Serbo-croatian Srpsko-hrvatski Bibliju X
Italian Italiano X
Hebrew עברית תנך X
South Korean 한국 오디오 드라마 신약 X
Dutch Nederlandse bijbel X
Polish polska biblie X
Portugees Português X X
Romanian Român X
Russian русская библия X X
Swedish Svenska bibel 2000 X X
Swahili Kiswahili X X
Tamil தமிழ் பைபிள் X
Tagalog Tagalog X
Ukraine Українська Біблії X
Urdu اردو بائبل X
Vietnamese Việt Kinh Thánh X
Chinese 粤语华人圣经 — 粵語華人聖經 Cantonese Chinese X
Chinese 普通话华人圣经 — 普通話華人聖經 Mandarin Chinese X

We are forever searching for more audio bibles. Our main source for audio bibles is The Word Project. If you know of any other free audio bibles let us know

2 thoughts on “More audio bibles added

    • Yes! Praise God there are people doing that great work. Many of my audio bibles I got from them. But I am looking for bibles read in major languages. If there are any major languages that you find that CrossConnect is missing let me know. That is, what languages are spoken by a people that would most likely be able to get a windows phone.

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