Release for Windows 8/8.1/RT

CrossConnect has just made a major release but only for Windows 8/8.1/RT. The Windows phone programs will come soon in a few weeks.
The great new features are the following:

  1. Highlight any verse in 6 different colors.
  2. Versification: This means that bibles with apocrypha or other books or chapter/verse order can be read properly. Before only bibles following the KingJamesVersion system of books/chapters/verses could be read.
  3. Text to speech reading of the bibles. Also called Speech Synthesis. Now any bible can be read out loud by the computer. During the reading, the currently read verse is highlighted. This is only available in windows 8.1. Since windows 8.1 is free for those with windows 8, GET IT NOW…
  4. It is now possible to Export and Import Personal Notes, Bookmarks, and Highlighting. This is so you can share your settings between different computers and eventually to your telephone.
  5. Remote storage of all settings. Remote storage means that automatically all settings can/will be shared between computers which you have logged in on with the same authentication profile.  Remote storage is very unpredictable so this type of sharing between computers is not especially helpful when you want settings immediately to be moved between computers. Therefore if you want immediate sharing it is better with the new Export/Import system.

Special thanks to Mario for help and encouragement for these changes.

7 thoughts on “Release for Windows 8/8.1/RT

  1. Brother,

    You’re just amazing. You’re the one to thank really. The lord bless you. Really, moved from Android/Apple to Windows 8 in order to use Desktop App specially bible desktop app on my Windows 8 Dell Pro Tablet wich can do both Desktop mode and Metro mode…but with your app I have a much cleaner, touchfriendly user interface. Now I don’t have to switch to the Desktop mode unless I need advanced features in Bible Analyzer or E-sword. Day to day Cross-Connect is THE app.

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  3. Just down loaded update for window 8.1 from today, it broke KJV 1769, words run together. Pure Cambridge was ok.

    And the earthwaswithout form, and void; and darknesswasupon the faceof the deep. And the Spiritof Godmoveduponthe faceof the waters.

    • Thank you so very much Dean!
      I have just now made a new release to fix this problem. You will get it at the store or with an automatic update in a few days. Your timing was perfect because this problem just came in a release that came out yesterday. Thanks for making CrossConnect better.

  4. Ik kan de bijbel niet openen ik heb een sleutel nodig ,waar kan ik die vinden.
    Voor de Engelse vertaling.

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