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  1. Hi, I thank you your good program.
    I’m living south korea.
    Before I used Pocket e-sword.
    But your cross connect(for wp7)isn’t korean bible.
    Please korean bible.
    thank you very much.

    • Hello. I do not release any bibles. It is only at that you can request that they release a bible. When they release a bible then it is immediately available on the Cross Connect bible reader. However, since you say that the Korean bible was once available to you, I can publish on this website the bible so that only you can download it to Cross Connect bible reader. But, you must then send to me the files nt.bzs, nt.bzv, nt.bzz, ot.bzs, ot.bzv, ot.bzz and hopefully the *.conf file. These files will be on your pocket pc. If you don’t have these files then you can probably find them by asking people in different bible websites in Korea. The bible was probably removed from crosswire due to some copyright problems. But if you have a paper copy of this Korean bible then it is morally and legally ok for you to have an electronic copy for your own private use. The “mango” version of Cross Connect bible reader will have the possibility for you to add your own private download site for bibles.

      • Wow you mean next version of Cross Connect bible reder can download custom bible and commentary data as Pocket Sword’s Module maintaines Mode(iphone app). If it is true that will be great. Thank you for your efforts. if it is possible can you teel me when you realese next version.

        • Yes, I tested it today and it works great! problem is that Microsoft takes as long as 10 days to begin distribution of a new version. Plus, this version is only for “mango” other wise known as Windows 7.5. Microsoft has promised to release “mango” in September. We all hope in the beginning of September. So with some luck, you will be able to get that version in about 10 days. The version is number “1.13”

          • New update on reading Pocket Sword bibles. Sorry, not possible. Pocket sword uses a completely different format for bibles and most of the bibles are “locked” to protect copyrights. However, if you find any bible in the ztext crosswire format, then I can post them on my website as long as there are no copyright problems.

      • No need to get the Korean bible. I found it. I did a lot of googling. I put it on my website and so in about 10 days when my new version becomes available then you can download the korean bible. Again, I assume the korean bible was probably removed from crosswire due to some copyright problems. But if you have a paper copy of this Korean bible then it is morally and legally ok for you to have an electronic copy for your own private use. This bible is only for YOU (assuming you have a paper copy of the bible) and I will remove it after you download it so please tell me when you download it.

  2. “And Bible”(for android) is useing same data file with Pocket Sword(for iphone not Windows Mobile). And all of them are based on jsword project as well. I unziped Bible data for Pocket Sword and put it to my Android phone it perfectly working. Here is Pocket Sword Bible data …….. this one is NKJV. Remove this link after you download it please. I hope this file is working on Cross Connect.

    • This is perfect. I can read this file without any problem. I will add this to my website so you can load it into Cross-Connect if you want me too. Where did you get this from? Why doesn’t have this file?

      • Because the copyright they don’t upload this NKJV file i think..
        because of copyright Pocket Sword have Module Maintainer Mode.. I got bible data on this site.(you can get many english version and bible map there) A korean guy make converting tool, make many version of bible data and upload his website. this site is korean.. so you can’t understand what he’s saying on web… but don’t worry we have google translate. try it. ………..
        this one is KTB (Korean Truthful Bible) and licence free.

        This one is most popular versions in korea.. almost standard bible.
        but it’s not licence free..

        you said you upload new version on marketplace and waiting authorising.. can new version put these data in CrossConnect?

  3. Yes. I will put these on my server for so you can read them with cross connect when you get the new version 1.13 in about 10 days. In this new version you can also put these bibles on your own server and read them from there as well. I will show you how later.

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