Version 1.13

This version is only for Windows Phone 7.5, otherwise known as “Mango”. So you will only be able to find it in Marketplace after you have installed Windows 7.5 on your phone. This will be sometime this month.

I am very happy to anounce the addition of AUDIO to Cross Connect.  Currently there are 2 English, 1 French, 1 Spanish, 1 Korean, 1 Swedish and 1 Africanns audio versions. All of these audio versions are beautifully composed and usually dramatic interpretations of the Bible.

Other audio languages will become available as soon as people make them available on a server to Cross Connect.  There are free Audio Bibles in over 500 languages so getting the bibles is not difficult, it is just that I don’t have space anymore on my server.  Someone else must put them on their server and then tell me where they are.  Then I can add them to Cross Connect.

Another change is that you may now specifiy any server you want for your crosswire bibles.


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