Windows 10 Cross Connect is finished with many new features

Windows phone user interface is now identical to the desktop-app version.

Windows phone user interface is now identical to the desktop-app version.

CrossConnect for Windows 10 is now released. This version now applies to all phones, pads, tablets, PCs and Desktops. The added features are as follows:

  1. One Drive backup/restore redone to be MUCH faster (100+ times) and more efficient in all ways.
  2. The backup/restore is now working on even local disks and memory disks.
  3. A new import of “Sword Modules” is implemented.  This means it is now much easier to import your own bibles/commentaries/dictionaries/books from a disk instead of being forced to only download from the servers.
  4. Two new Sword formats are allowed. They are “RawText” and “RawCom” which although these are very rare formats, they do have importance. This is because there is a fantastic tool available called Simple Bible Reader / Converter which converts virtually any bible to the Sword format yet only the “RawText” and “RawCom” Sword format WHICH now work in CrossConnect. This new functionality together with the new functionality of importing your own Sword module gives a powerful new lift to CrossConnect.
  5. The phone and desktop-app programs are now identical. The same look and feel and the same user interface. This will be a major lift for the phone users since many were longing for the desktop type of interface. Since the code between the phone and desktop is the same, this means all functionality is the same. However, some devices have
    Windows phone user interface is now identical to the desktop-app version.

    Windows phone user interface is now identical to the desktop-app version.

    limited functionality which might limit what CrossConnect can do on that particular device.

  6. The audio playback is redone to allow better background playing capabilities. This fixes some bugs in the phones audio system and gives to the desktop the new background audio capability which means you can listen to the bible at the same time you do other work or play.

12 thoughts on “Windows 10 Cross Connect is finished with many new features

  1. Hello Brother…what wonderful updates. I’ve said it. You’re the best.

    Now I can use French language TTS. Now I can install easily my own modules with The Sword functionality. Well God bless.
    We will keep supporting you.

  2. I installed your app on Windows 10 Mobile today. It is great! I am still discovering it’s possibilities but it is far beyond the other apps I have tried.
    Looking at the video tutorials for WP7 did help, but it would make the app much more attractive to have video tutorials for the new version.

  3. Dear Thomas Dilts
    Thanks for a brilliant piece of software. It’s the most powerful Bible program I’ve found for my Lumia 950XL ?
    I’ve gone through the tutorial videos for previous versions and they opened my eyes to the possibilities and power,but the differences in versions were very apparent. Please would you do some tutorials for the Win10 version?
    Thanks in anticipation,
    Brian Howe

    • You are welcome. Yes, it needs a new tutorial. I am super busy right now so if you could do it I would put it on my web page and google site. 🙂

  4. Hello THomas,

    This is Mario. What happened to TTS in other windows other than the bible on windows 10. I really miss TTS in the other windows. That’s the place really TTS is needed. TO have a list of verse and have TTS read it over and over and over to you. Or have it to read to you your notes or bookmarks.
    Please can you bring back that functionality. Specially in Selected verses.

  5. Is there a password function in the app? (How can we know our use of the app, and our ‘Notes’, are private or secure? Many thanks.

  6. Want you tell me how to fix the “Listen to this chapter” option? It has not been working for a while already. I truly miss listening to the ESV dramatized version. I’m using the Desktop Windows 10 version.
    Thanks for this app.

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