Windows Phone 8 with Text-To-Speech

This is a very major release with many core changes

All the changes recently made to the Windows 8 are now in the windows phone 8.

A very short list of the major changes are:

  1. Highlight any verse in 6 different colors.
  2. Versification: This means that bibles with apocrypha or other books or chapter/verse order can be read properly. Before only bibles following the KingJamesVersion system of books/chapters/verses could be read properly.
  3. Text to speech reading of the bibles. Also called Speech Synthesis. Now any bible can be read out loud by the computer. During the reading, the currently read verse is highlighted. Microsoft has “voices” in 16 different languages and often male and female voices.
  4. It is now possible to Export and Import Personal Notes, Bookmarks, and Highlighting. This is so you can share your settings between different computers and to your telephone.
  5. You will notice window handling is faster.  Less blinking of all the screens.

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