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  1. Love the app. Bless you for your work.
    One feature I use frequently is to select a verse and send it in a text or mail. I’d love to see the ability to select multiple verses to send if technically feasible.
    Thanks again and may God bless you and your work.

    • Hello Rick, You are very welcome and thanks for your comments. Yes, you can already take several verses at a time. You need the latest version called “Bible Cross Connect” (it changed names from just “Cross Connect”) and then you need to push on all the verses you want within a 3 second window. If the verses are right beside each other then it is usually no problem. However if they are spread out then you need to first put them into your history or bookmark window and then press on them in the bookmarks within a 3 second window. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you. If you don’t understand what I mean then you can look at the following video where I demonstrate it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBT61uF52Ic

  2. It would be super super if you were to integrate a Greek lexicon. I like to use KJV in the upper window and Greek in the lower, and to be able to tap a Greek word and see the definition and attributes would really enhance functionality.

    • Yes. Sounds like a great idea. Do you use ancient Greek or modern Greek? I assume you use ancient Greek but I just noticed that most of the ancient Greek bibles don’t work properly in Cross Connect.

        • Super. I look forward to seeing how it works. Will be a great tool to follow along during church. I do use ancient Greek. And is NIV available? While not the truest to original, it’s the most common translation in American Protestant churches.

  3. Hi, great apps.
    I wish you could add following translated bible version:
    – Indonesia Terjemahan Baru (itb)
    – Bibel Bahasa Batak Toba


  4. Hi, i can´t find Version 1.10 in the Marketplace. I´m wondering what´s wrong, because there is no serbian Bible, onli a croatian Bible. And there is no KJV that is working properly. The KJV with Strong´s shows nothing in Gen. 1 for example. Now I´ll have to wait till Mango launches 🙂

    • Hello, Yes, the marketplace distribution system is increadibly slow. That is why I am trying to get everything ready for the Mango release. But there are not so many changes between versions 1.9 and 1.12. However 1.13 does have some big changes. I don’t have anything to do with bible releases. Please see the website http://www.crosswire.org and specifically the http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/Module_Requests to see what is being done with new bibles and how to request. I see there are 2 serbian bibles being worked on.

      Serbian Danicic–Karadžic Bible. Vuk Karadžic translated the New Testament in 1847, and Ðuro Danicic finished his translation of the Old Testament in 1865. Public Domain.
      Serbian Emilijan Čarnić (1973, 1992) NT.

  5. Thank you for such a wonderful tool for my daily studies. Will you be adding the option of changing the background to a lighter color, and text to a darker color?

    • Hi Lora, You can already do this. Go to the Settings program on your phone and change the settings to light background. CrossConnect always takes the default settings from your system settings. Perhaps I could add a seperate menu so you could choose a different setup then what you have in your system settings. Do you think this is needed? That is, do you want a dark system background on your phone but a light background on CrossConnect?

  6. How about a compare feature like in e-sword? That is one of my fav features. Also, is there an info feature on each bible version to give more info on when it was created and which texts it was translated from? Thanks in advance

  7. Hi again, any plans to try to support my last suggestions of a compare feature?
    You could set the versions to be compared (by checking them) in settings and then whenever you want you can choose to compare the current verse which would display all the ‘checked’ versions side by side or above each other. This is a great tool for comparing modern and older english versions as well as comparing against the original texts ie textus receptus.
    Also there should be info on each bible version to tell when it was translated, from which manuscripts, and some of the other interesting stuff you find in the introduction section of a bible! Keep up the good work, from chris

    • I really do need to get the bible info in. It is important. But the “Compare” feature is already there I believe. I call it the “linked” windows feature. Whenever you select a verse in any window. All other windows immediately link to that verse if the “link” button is lit. The selected verse is then shown at the top of each window.

  8. Hi. Thanks for a great program. I really appreciate the work you’ve done. It’s wonderful.

    I have two suggestions:

    1. The option to lock the pop-up Strong’s Hebrew/Greek Definitions window so that any link to a Strong’s definition appears in the first opened Dictionary Definitions window. Right now, each time I click a strongs number, a new Definition window opens up. This becomes unwieldy when you start getting three or more words dictionary windows open on the one screen.

    2. Quick Access Touch Button to turn Strong’s Numbers on and off. Right now, the steps are “Tap …” Scroll to “Settings”, Tap, Drag slider to turn strongs on or off, then Tap back button. (I know there is limited screen real estate, but you could dispense with the “magnifiying glass” buttons, and replace the “window resize” option by a press-and-drag of the Window Title area – press the title bar and drag up or down accordingly. Then you could put a “Strong’s Numbers” quick access button in place of one of the magnifying glasses. I would then make the rest of the touch buttons bigger. (It can be fiddly making sure I press the right one (big fingers))

    3. This is not so much a feature request as a comment on the general interface. I’ve used a couple of other Bible programs and really like how fluid and buttery smooth the Bible screen text in those programs scrolls across the screen. (Bible NASB by Yuri Software is one example). For some reason, CrossConnect does not have that same buttery smooth text scrolling that makes WP7 such a pleasure to use. When you scroll through text there is lag and jitter. I’m not sure why, but maybe you could look into this. I’m using a Nokia Lumia 800, 1.4 GHz processor.

    Hope you appreciate the suggestions.

    Thanks again for a great program.


    • hmm. that is strange. It works for me… Can you try again? Perhaps your network connection was too slow just then. Or perhaps my server was too slow..

  9. I love this app and there’s only one more thing a like to see in this app: I have my some files of my own which a like to read on my phone. So it would be great when i can open this files with cross connect. In other words add content for cross connect via zune.
    Thanks anyway for this app and keep up the great work.

    • I don’t make any audio recordings. I only find them on internet and then put them on this website for usage with CrossConnect. If you find a Hebrew Audio Version, please let me know where I can download it from and I will put it on this website for usage with CrossConnect.

  10. Megathanks for the app!! Any chance of adding KJ2000 and any of the modernised Young’s Literal (NT) and/or KJ21? You’ve done a great job, guys!!

    • Yes, I would be glad to put it on my site. The only problem is that it is in the wrong format so I have to reformat it and that will take a few days. I will write to you when I have done it and put it on this website.

      • Ok. Now it is done. Be sure to choose the “Custom bible download address” as the “server” when you download. Good luck and let us know if it works for you.

    • No. You can’t link it. But I found where I could download the bible. Give me about 10 days to reformat it and put it on my site for download to cross connect

  11. Wow! Thank you so much. Really appreciate the quick response & really like the Cross Connect ap. Can’t wait to see the KJ2000 with the words of Deity in red and use it with the Cross Connect functionality.

    • I can’t guarantee that I can get the “words of deity in red” . So don’t get your hopes too high. I will do my best. I know that such effects are really nice to have but it might be an enormous job and I might need to focus on just getting the words.

      • Now the bible is done. In order to see the “Words of Diety” in red you must go to the “settings” and select “Words of Christ in Red”. I know that “Words of Diety” and “Words of Christ” are not the same thing but this is the only way I could do the bible how I think you want it. Please test it and let us know if it is ok for you.

  12. Again, thank you for great job! I have just one wish, to put the book name and the buttons on separate rows. Now, when there are many buttons, the book name almost disappears. But the main thing, the buttons are tightly together on the right side (except left arrow) making it very difficult to hit one particular button (they are quite small). To have the buttons on separate row and spreading them across the screen leaving some room from one to another would be great.

    I have Lumia 920 and have tested with different fonts & themes with same results.

    • Thanks Lejola for the suggestion. I will consider it. I haven’t done it yet because on many phones there is already so little space for reading the bible that taking away another row is too much. What I could do is to make it an option so that on large phones like your lumia 920 you could choose to make it two rows.

      If others think this is a good idea then I will fix it.

  13. Thank you for making this app.
    I have used this app in my windows phone and my windows 8 tablet. I wish that I can choose some fonts which I installed fonts in my computer(windows 8 device). I can choose few basic fonts only now. I am a Korean. so, I can not use basic fonts because it can not be korea fonts. Could add this function?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Sorry, that would not be possible because I am using the webbrowser Control which is the same as InternetExplorer to show all bibles. This means that you are looking at the bibles in a web-browser and it is very difficult to show any font other then the standard fonts in a web browser.

      • oh, I see. Thank you for answer 😉

        And, Could you explain more detail about custom bible download? I read your page about CUSTOM BIBLES DOWNLOAD ADDRESS. And I have bible files like “niv.zip”, “kkjv.zip” and etc which included “mods.d”, “modules” folders for sword project. but I could not understood how to import custom bible files. Specially, I don’t know URL pattern. Where do I have to locate bible zip files? Whice are different “bibles/raw” and “bibles/biblelist”?

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