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102 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. What an impressive piece of masterwork!

    One suggestion has come into my mind. Do you think it could be possible to add one more option in the settings to enable the link button to operate globally, i.e. across all the screens. This would make it easier to use Cross-connect in heavier bible studying.

    Also, it seems that the language selected for the user interface is currently not saved, which means that the phone default language is automatically selected each time Cross-connect starts. I prefer to use English as the default language in Cross-connect although my phone default language is not English.

    • 1. The global link button.. Sounds like a good idea. I think I will do it in the next release.
      2. Absolutely right about the language problem! I haven’t tested that in a very long time. Somewhere along the line it stopped working. I will fix it as soon as I get the chance.

  2. Hey Admin,
    dear Brother in Christ. Can we find an easier way to put our custom Bibles/Commentaries into the App. Its to difficult for normal user without this “coding-skills”.

    God bless you

    • Yes my dear brother! Send the bible to me. info@cross-connect.se . I will put it on my site. That is, the default server site. Simple and easy.

      You are absolutely right, it takes almost a programmer to be able to do this on his/her own.

  3. Dear Brother, could i also send a .xml file ? It is a commentary (Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced). Thank you for the fast reply 🙂 God bless you in Jesus Christ. Greets from Germany:)

    • Yes. I will convert it to the proper format. It may take a few days. Please “zip” the file before sending so it won’t be so large. Thanks brother!

  4. Hello! I have used your app well.
    I was got the plan to make a Windows 8 app that supprot crosswire(sword project) bible during using your app.
    But I don’t know how to read bible source using C#(or other .NET languages). So, I wish that you tell me how to read bible source using C#. Could tell me it?
    Thank you! 😉

  5. hi,

    just a small question: I use the estonian bibel (as i m an estonian) and would like to know if the old testament will be also made available in this app in estonian or not? – the new testament works perfectly!

  6. Hi,
    I am really glad to have your software on my Nokia Lumia. Currently this is the only one I found usable.

    I have two wishes:

    1. A little margin on the left side of the text. Currently the text is two close to the border line, it would be easier to read with a margin.

    2. Versification support
    I’m Hungarian. Currently only the “Karoli” version of Hungarian translation is available at the crosswire Bible repositories.
    I made the compilation of a New Hungarian Transalation, but it uses not the default KJV versification, but the “Luther” one.
    Your app can’t handle it correctly yet. The same is the situation with “Bible Desktop”. But the “Xiphos” application can handle it.
    This Bible can be installed from http://www.audit-profit.hu, using the folder/file convention your app requires.
    I know this is a BIG wish, but maybe in a not too far future… 🙂



    • Thanks Tibor. These are really good suggestions. Of course versification would be a major challange for me to add to Cross-Connect. But with God everything is possible!

    • I have never before heard of the need for highlighting of verses. I will need to look into this to see the usefulness of it.

  7. hello. I’m enjoying this master piece. Moved from Android and was glad to find this app. Any plan to add TTS? Like the way Bible analyzer 4 did. I know that’s a desktop app not metro. ITT uses Microsoft text to speech.

    Also I would like a way to highlight a list of verses in a certain color. Or even one by one. Thank you very much. God bless you.

    • Hello Mario, Sorry no plans for TTS. But thanks for the suggestion. I will keep it in mind and perhaps if I do any major releases I will include it. It isn’t that difficult to do.

  8. Thanks most bible now provide highlights feature. Same thing most people do in their paper bible. Check cadre, touversion, olivetree. GOD BLESS.

    • Hej Mario,

      I have a question about this for you. Is it ok if the highligt feature works on the entire verse? I think that would be the easiest way I could implement verse highlighting. If you want individual word highlighting it would be much more difficult because CrossConnect is mainly a bible reader for comparing bibles and highlighting between bibles and languages could only be done on a verse level.

      Can you explain how the others do the highlighting? Words? parts of words? sentences? verse?

  9. Hello Brother, ….this is Mario. Verse highlighting will enough. That’s the same thing other bible software have done. Some will allow you to do the highlighting from your desktop and see the same highlights in the android or ipad version while loging in your account.
    If you can implement highlight it will be great. I’ve found the other apps really lacking in features on Metro 8 monde. They have not caught up to their desktops/android/ipad app yet. But your app is way advanced.

    One thing I was not able to find in all those app (even with the highlight feature) is the way to highlight multiple verses with a certain color. Most of them allow highlight of one or more contiguous verses. But I wanted to speed up things. Like I know already the list of verses I want to highlight in Yellow (Holy Spirit), Green (Healing), Blue (God’s Presence), in Orange(Faith)….I would like to select them….and highlight accross. Like do a search on Holy Spirit and select all verses and apply a color….I was not able to find anything doing that. Only one app gave the option of selecting all verses already highlighted in a certain color.(once they have been highlighted). I know I may be asking for too much for metro app…so anyway if you can at least include a basic one highlighting it would be helpful. At least I can do so slowly.

    The other feature to think about is VerseList the e-sword way. They are helpful while studying certain topic..You can save you search results into a bookmark list of verses.

    Thank you for being open to new ideas. God Bless. I want to encourage you and will donate to this work just to say thank you. I enjoy the listening of the word. while seeing it.
    Can you also put on the list downloading of audio files. Thank you. Sorry, I”m asking too much.

    • Thanks for the description. I am now programing such a solution for highlighting. I am looking into your other suggestions as well.

    • Yes! Praise God there are people doing that great work. Many of my audio bibles I got from them. But I am looking for bibles read in major languages. If there are any major languages that you find that CrossConnect is missing let me know. That is, what languages are spoken by a people that would most likely be able to get a windows phone.

    • No, not possible. A Windows App is in a “sandbox” which means that it is extreamly limited how much the App can access the local machine.

    • No, unfortunately. The problem was technical. There was no way to reference a local picture in the web-browser. But actually we could reference pictures that are on the internet. I might try that.

  10. Brother,

    Is there a way to make the history or bookmark window exportable. Like a save option. It would be an easy way to to save my list of scripture for different topic. May incorporate this wish with the verse list or bookmark saving. Thanks

    • Yes. It is now exportable and importable in the next release that should be available now. Go to the bottom of the settings screen.

  11. Great great job for TTS. Don’t know how to thank you enough. My bible dream app is now here.

    One issue I’m experiencing is with TTS is it would stop after a certain number of verses. Not sure why I tried various versions. NIV, ESV, Updated KJV and in John 4, it would stop and hang on verse 27. In John 6 it was in a different verse. Not sure it’s an issue you can solve…or a general issue with the Microsoft TTS engine. Another TTS app on Windows store have people complain that it wouild stop randomly too. Thank you for checking into this.
    Another request…not sure it’s possible, on desktop side you can have a few extra settings for TTS like speed & Volume. Do we have any Api for that in Metro mode? It would be good as feature enhancement. thank you God bless

    • Yes. Thanks for mentioning this bug. I noticed the problem as well. I am looking into it and will publish a fix to it soon.

  12. I’ve just discovered your app, so far I’m loving it. Thank you for your hard work.
    My wish list:
    1. No outside margin around the columns (Making it appear edge-to-edge full-screen)
    2. Independent column widths
    3. Left column dynamically resize if CrossConnect is snapped next to another program (congrats on making the easiest verse navigation, even when snapped)
    4. Narrower size allowed when snapping program
    5. Downloadable themes
    6. Savable column layout (with books etc., ex. a complex layout for study and simple layout for reading, etc.)

    I know that’s a lot … but it’s a wish list after all, right?

  13. I would really like to have an easier/quicker way to turn on/off Strong’s numbers. A button (optional?) on the main screen that would allow you to turn Strong’s numbers on and off without having to go into settings and scroll down to it would be very nice!

  14. This is the best bible app out there for windows phones. However, my school says we need to use “New American Standard Bible” and “Amplified Bible” translations – I can’t find them anywhere, please help!

  15. Very good. I miss the hebrew original writing in the strongs. Now I cannot see the correct interpretation and how to write with Biblical Hebrew.

    Try to import Complete Bible Jewish Bible from David Stern.

    Also his commentary of the New Testsment

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